Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAPP?

RAPP (Robot Application Platform) is an ecosystem of robot apps, cloud platforms and the interconnecting API. It is a 3-tier ecosystem: API, Cloud and Apps.

Does it cost anything?

RAPP is open-source and free as in free beer. It is licensed under Apache 2.0.

Where is the API/SDK?

The old 0.6.1 API (developed under the RAPP FP7 Consortium) can be found in the rapp-project github pages. However, the newer version (0.7.X API) has been split into separate repositories:

Where is the Platform?

The RAPP platform is hosted on Github.

Can I build an app?

Yes of course! You can find tutorials for the API, developing applications for robots, and much more!

What are the terms for distributing an app?

Currently all apps are assumed to be open-source. This means that you are free to chose any open-source license you want.

Where can I download an app?

At the moment, you can obtain apps programmatically from Soon we will add functionality to download from the command line.

Service Requests

If you would like a new cloud service, drop us an email and we will evaluate the feasibility of implementing such a service

If your question isn't answered here you can chat with us on Gitter